14 December

The Right Mix: UX, Visual Design, Code

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I like to think in threes. I express a lot of my work in threes, the triad in music, the Triptych in art. It feels right to create in threes — Three variations on the same theme, the same theme repeated three times, expressing three examples to prove a point… and I have a feeling […]

30 November

Banksy Graffiti Superhero

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This post has been up for awhile, but I just seem to keep coming back to it for inspiration. His work turned me onto a world of street art that I never understood. Here’s a few of them but there are quotes and plenty more at this link. Banksy Graffiti Superhero: 45 Great Photos & […]

24 October

How Much UX have You Put into Your UX Portfolio?

UX Magazine has put out an outstanding article on how to position your UX design portfolio. As I continue to update and modify and pick at and tweak my portfolio I’ve become obsessed with creating the perfect window into my focus on the work i’ve been a part of. It’s more than a portfolio, it […]