My Services


Product Design

My dedication and passion for quality design drives my creative process. Understanding a clients vision and then shaping it into a beautiful, visual experience is at the core of my skill set.


User Experience

End-to-end user flow, data visualization, interaction, adaptive interfaces… UX plays an important role our world. Converging technologies with the human experience fires me up.


Art Direction

With so many requirements for designers, it’s important to have quality art direction. I’ve lead design teams on complex projects and love providing art direction, down to the pixel.



A quality leader leads by example and steps up when challenges arise. After eight years as an acting creative director, I know what it takes to inspire and manage creative teams.



I have been working in the design space for thirteen years. After all the projects have faded, what’s left are the relationships and respect I built with my colleagues.


Music Production

In parallel with my design career, I have also been in the music space for over 15 years. If you are in need of quality audio production, engineering or original scoring, I’m your guy.

Need help with your next project?

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