6 October

The Basics of Great UX – Tuts+

A great article on the basics of great UX. The article written by Justin Smith at Tuts+ dives into the basics but often overlooked necessities of a successful UX cycle. Everything from defining requirements to the ins and outs of working with the development team are touched on. I have been back to this article […]

13 August

Vibrata Chromodoris: Deeper than Design

  One of my all time favorite artists. She is an amazing woman as much as an artist and words really can’t do justice to express her work. It truly comes from another dimension. Check out her work on her website Also check out her Facebook page

12 April

Keflavik Music on Soundcloud

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Keflavik Music on Soundcloud

I finally got around to creating a Soundcloud account for the music I write under the moniker of Keflavik. Enjoy!

14 December

The Right Mix: UX, Visual Design, Code

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I like to think in threes. I express a lot of my work in threes, the triad in music, the Triptych in art. It feels right to create in threes — Three variations on the same theme, the same theme repeated three times, expressing three examples to prove a point… and I have a feeling […]

30 November

Banksy Graffiti Superhero

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This post has been up for awhile, but I just seem to keep coming back to it for inspiration. His work turned me onto a world of street art that I never understood. Here’s a few of them but there are quotes and plenty more at this link. Banksy Graffiti Superhero: 45 Great Photos & […]

7 November

Become a Morning Person – 99U

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Since my return from Berlin, I’ve noticeably been getting up very early. Let me state I’m not an early riser. For many years I’ve struggled to be out of bed any earlier than 8am and on days that I didn’t have to get up, well, let’s just say mornings seem to pass me by. Perhaps […]

26 October

Tresor Berlin

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I’m in Berlin on holiday, recharging my batteries, getting inspired, enjoying time with an old friend and learning so much about international lifestyle, especially in this ever-evolving city. One spot I just frequented was the world-famous Tresor Club. They opened their doors around 1991 when the Berlin wall came down and did it right on […]

24 October

How Much UX have You Put into Your UX Portfolio?

UX Magazine has put out an outstanding article on how to position your UX design portfolio. As I continue to update and modify and pick at and tweak my portfolio I’ve become obsessed with creating the perfect window into my focus on the work i’ve been a part of. It’s more than a portfolio, it […]

23 August

Freebies | Think Design

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Freebies | Think Design

Here’s a great website I return to a lot for inspiration and all the goodies I can handle to help me get through a project. The “Freebies” section is always filled with modern design assets like brushes, filters, fonts and textures. Thank you to Think Design for providing us all with a great wealth of […]

20 August

Current TV goes silent

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Quite literally the end of an era. Current TV, my employer for the past eight years has now gone silent. I am happy to say that my tenure with Current is also coming to an end. One more week and it’s onto the next phase of my professional career, a chance to explore more great […]