How Much UX have You Put into Your UX Portfolio?

UX Magazine has put out an outstanding article on how to position your UX design portfolio. As I continue to update and modify and pick at and tweak my portfolio I’ve become obsessed with creating the perfect window into my focus on the work i’ve been a part of. It’s more than a portfolio, it has become a reflection of who I am both on and off the clock. This article came my way and I thought I’d share it as a resource for all other designers out there who are making the transition into the UX field.

Your portfolio should ably demonstrate the relationship between your process and your deliverables. To showcase only the final deliverables tells only a fraction of the story. Today’s UX hiring managers want to know how you work through a design process—often more than they even want to see the end result.

I feel this is the challenge with all the work i’ve completed, because much of the work I do relies on other individuals, documentation, variables and process that fall completely out of my hands. Yet, I feel it’s important as a lead on a project to be able to not only visualize the product end-to-end but be able to show and articulate that process as it unfolds.

How Much UX have You Put into Your UX Portfolio? | UX Magazine.