Tresor Berlin

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 in Inspiration, Music

I’m in Berlin on holiday, recharging my batteries, getting inspired, enjoying time with an old friend and learning so much about international lifestyle, especially in this ever-evolving city. One spot I just frequented was the world-famous Tresor Club. They opened their doors around 1991 when the Berlin wall came down and did it right on the edge of Eastern Berlin, back then a wasteland of rubble and vacant buildings. Tresor literally means “vault”. And a vault is what it was. Literally an underground location with an enormous basement that probably could be compared to a bombed out shelter.

They also have a label, one which I bought many records from back in the day. Loved the artwork, starkness, directness of the music and the vibe their label presented itself both aesthetically and sonically. I just wanted to throw them some love and a link.


Upcoming Events | Tresor Berlin.