Become a Morning Person – 99U

Posted on Nov 7, 2013 in Inspiration, Resources

Since my return from Berlin, I’ve noticeably been getting up very early. Let me state I’m not an early riser. For many years I’ve struggled to be out of bed any earlier than 8am and on days that I didn’t have to get up, well, let’s just say mornings seem to pass me by. Perhaps it’s lingering jet lag or I’m riding the inspiration that a journey across the earth can invoke in a person, but I’m riding this new found bio-clock shift. As it is, the first article I read as the sun was coming up this morning was a post on 99U about “Becoming a Morning Person”. As with most self-help article, there are a few no-brainers, but the writer also includes some insight and rules to beating your clock and shifting the struggle into an opportunity.

For the sake of this writing, I have certainly seen an uptake in my productivity in the early mornings. I’m more alert, aware and the weight and onslaught of the media and to-do lists have not surfaced.

#labrat: Become a Morning Person – 99U.